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New insight. New opportunity.

AASLD customer experience map reveals unmet needs

AASLD is the leading organization of scientists and health care professionals committed to preventing and curing liver disease. Boldr Strategic Consulting was tasked with helping AASLD better tell their story online

Stepping into the shoes of conference attendees

The effort started with a usability assessment and competitive analysis. Our strategy and UX team attended the Liver Conference with the task of “becoming the user”. We were able to help provide raw insights into better understanding barriers that may be preventing AASLD customers from fully engaging with the association.

A disjointed member experience

We discovered that of the 10,000 people that attended the Liver Meeting – only a small percentage were actual members of AASLD. Many attendees did not know that AASLD was a membership organization. We recommended integrating high touch conference experiences with valuable but lower touch experiences to create a more complete connection with the AASLD brand in the minds of meeting attendees.

Implementation: Drupal

Our team architected and developed a solution that integrated multiple websites, databases and third-party systems. This improved the ability to find information from multiple online sources within the AASLD ecosystem. A faceted search (SOLR) made findability even easier.

Final Result

Recommendations were not limited to digital technology and included ideas for new revenue streams, signage at the conference, and recommendations for "things to stop doing". The new website specifically:

  1. made the site more engaging and appealing to key audiences
  2. helped staff gain greater control over content in terms of both site presentation and back-end management
  3. offered visitors easy access to desired information resources